Driver CE- Belgium (2300-2600€/netto/month)

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We are looking for flexible and highly motivated drivers with license CE.
It is transport of food production products.
Excellent driving skills (you will need to maneuver constantly and need to be able to stay calm in these situations, you will be driving through city centers and maneuvering with traffic around you, you will have to maneuver into loading docks which requires great skill!!!)
Strong communication skills! You need to be able to express your dismay if something happens that you think is wrong, otherwise thing will escalate! Often the planners can be a bit short with drivers and you need to be able to express your issues and stand your ground!

What we offer
- Hourly salary is 11,3910 gross/hour
+ € 1,3765 net/hour
+ € 36,2675 net for each night you spend away from
- Salary: 2300-2600€/Netto/month
- Possibility to work during weekend
- Permanent contract with Belgian company
- Work contract for unlimited period (trial period 3 months)
- Accommodation: there are housing possibilities around the company
- Help with registrations and bank accounts

-5 years of experience
-Good English language skills
- Available driving license CE
- Reference letters
- Flexibility
-Upon arrival there will be a test to evaluate your driving and maneuvering skills, if you don’t succeed, you cannot start the job.
- Be flexible and motivated to work lots of hours, you will be sleeping in the truck (away from home, on the road) 2 to 3 nights per week
- In some occasions there is no loading dock, then you will be required to work with a loading ramp and a forklift

Information about the procedure of interview:
In case of interest please send the following: * detailed CV in English * Photo (ideally at work)
* All certificates related work experiences
* letters of reference from previous employers for recent years

You can contact us by email:, by phone on +421 911 279 723, +421 910 901 936.
Our web is . You can also follow us on facebook: DK Recruitment Services

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